Battery Box

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This battery box equipped with 9V alkaline battery is designed specifcally to power microphones with 3.5 mm audio jack that require an external power supply at level ranging from 3-9 V. This device can be very useful especially when recording louder sound sources such as live concerts.  The battery box can also be very helpful in case when your recorder (e.g. with 1.2 V battery inside) doesn’t provide enough plug-in-power.

The battery box has an optional bass roll off switch. It allows you to cut off or attenuate the low frequencies. In some circumstances this feature can be helpful in improving the quality of your recording, for instance by removing unwanted noises (i.e. Air conditioners and traffic) or attenuating too loud low frequency sounds such as kick drum.

The shielded cable has a total length of 1m and is capped with 3.5mm (1/8″) gold-plated stereo jack.

Length: 66 mm

Width: 53 mm

Height: 31 mm

ROHS compliance