Silicone Ears (White)

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The price is for a pair of ears.


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The silicone ears are made of high-tensile strength silicone. The ears are flexible and feel almost like natural human skin. You can use them in your own dummy head construction, as an acupuncture model, for educational purposes, or for a variety of other applications.

Realistic earlobes are one of the most important components of a true binaural microphone. Every effort was made to create silicone ear models that would imitate as closely as possible the natural anatomy of the human earlobes. The ears were cast from a mold based on a real human ear.

The ear canals of the silicone ears have a diameter of approximately 11.5 mm (0.45″), and can stretch to fit microphones with a diameter of up to 16 mm (0.63″).

Please note that the ears can have some imperfections, such as very small holes from air bubbles, or very fine scratches. This does not affect the function or the quality of the recorded sound.



ROHS compliance