Binaural Microphone BE-P1 + Battery Box

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This microphone module is a device designed mainly for making binaural recordings, but it can also successfully serve as a stereo lavalier microphone, or a microphone for recording ambient sounds, instruments etc.

It uses two matched condenser microphone capsules with a sensitivity of -28dB, what along with very low self-noise makes them ideal for recording quiet sounds.

The BE-P1 microphone module has its own battery box, which helps it perform even better especially when recording louder sound sources such as live concerts. Battery box can also be very helpful in case when your recorder doesn’t provide enough plug-in-power.  Alternatively the microphone can be used directly with cameras, computers or any other recording devices equipped with a 3.5mm female connector.

The shielded microphone cable has a total length of 2.5m (microphones 1.5m + battery box 1m) and is capped with 3.5mm gold-plated stereo jack.

It comes with two microphone holders, and the additional windshields that are shown in the pictures.

The microphones are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly to the silicone ears we produce. In case you had already purchased the B1-E dummy head before and now want to use it with these microphones please let us know as it will be necessary to make mounting holes and send you additional screws and washers. Thanks to that you will be able to easily mount the battery box in the back of the dummy head neck.

The silicone ears are not included.

BE-P1 Specs:

  • Directional Characteristic:        Omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity:                                     -28 +/- 3dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/Pa) RL=2.7 kΩ, Vcc= 3V
  • Impedance:                                    1.5 kΩ +/- 30% at 1kHz (RL=2.7 kΩ)
  • S/N Ratio:                                        80 dB Typ. at 1kHz (1Pa, A weighted network)
  • Operating Voltage:                      3V (2V-10V)
  • Max SPL:                                         119 dB S. P. L. (Typ.) at 1kHz Distortion level 3% max


Frequency response:


ROHS compliance